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Energy Auditing Services

Energy Auditing Services


Posted by  on October 30, 2014

What is an Energy Audit (EA)

A pool of activities (systematic procedures) focused on analysis of:
Current Energy Needs.
Consumption going out of valid technical standards.
Analysis of problems (weaknesses and deficiencies).

EA identifies and quantifies:
Effective possibilities of energy savings.
Provides a process to achieve energy efficiency.
Acts as an economic tools for financing feasibility of projects .

What is the aim of EA
To minimize cost of energy.
To minimize operation cost.
To minimize cost of repair and construction.
Increase quality of environment that contributes to increase work productivity.

Areas of Energy Audit (EA)
Thermal- technical protections of buildings.
Heating systems.
Hot water preparation, ventilation systems and air-conditioning (building & technology).
Electric appliances
Gas or other energy recourse consuming appliances (furnaces, cleaning devices, geysers etc).
Indoor/Outdoor lighting, measurements and regulations.

What EA offers to the customers
Indentifies highest achievable potentials of energy and cost savings and its effort.
It points out on often visible as well as hidden technical/hygienic/safety deficiencies of buildings and production technology equipments.
Recommends technical parameters of measure.
Calculates investments needs of measure, there asset-economical, technical and environmental.
proposes procedure for realization of measure.
It is very effective technical, economical and management tool for investment decision processes going out of economical modeling.
It is solid basement for effective control of energy consumption and herewith also operational costs.