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Our Team

Our Team

Staff Members of M/s. Excellent Services

The following is the list of staff members of M/s. Excellent Services along with their designations:

Tariq Hussain Malik (C.E.O)
tariq (at) eservices (dot) pk
Contact: 03219251379 / 03009251379

Rashid Minhas (Project Manager)
minhasr24 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Contact: 0324 8253090

Syed Hamid Ali (Chief Operating Officer)
Contact: 03333312967

Engr.Dr.A.Wahab Memon (Director Projects)

Mr. Adnan Javed (Consulting Officer))

Mr. Saqib Shah (Field supervisor)

Engr. Syed Farooq Ali (Technical Supervisor)

Mr. Zohaib Hassan Shaikh (IT Expert)

Mr. Imdad Hussain (Consulting Officer)

Mr. Arshad (Sales Executive-Water Treatment media)

Mr.Awais Khalid (Office Incharge-Lahore).