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Real Estate

Real Estate


Our Mission
Simplifying the complex property buying and selling process in Pakistan Recommending the right resources to help you reach your goals in finding property or selling a property. Helping you negotiate the best possible deals for your home buying or selling. Managing the buying and selling process to help achieve your goals with ease and convenience Offering you outstanding service and personal expertise in the field of Real Estate in Pakistan Providing you with quality real estate resources and financial services for investment in Pakistan Real Estate.

Plots for Sale

The cost of plot is 22.5 Million Size 2.86 Acar at Nooriabad
The cost of plot is 30 million Size 600 Sq.Yds at Site with construcion.
The cost of plot is 40 million Size 1460 Sq.Yds at Super High way Mustafa town.
The cost of plot is 5.5 million Size 1300 Sq.Yrd. at Super High way Gul Hassan society town

198 Acre Hub Road 2 ¼ km front
17 Acre road front near Hub Gadani (NHA) + 4 Acre
5 Acre Gadani Road near Police Chowky
3 Acre Gadani Road near Police Chowky
2 Acre Gadani Hub Road PSO pump
160 Acre Sea side front near ship breaking
24 Acre Main road near floor mill Bhawani
150 Acre peerkas road (Main road 9 km)
24 Acre near Hubco main road 11 km
300 Acre near Bosicor Hubco
60 Acre Gadani Road front
700 Acre Winder Road
24 Acre Umar Goth Hub River road (Near Rais Goth)
24 Acre near rind petrol pump main road winder
2 Acre kharri Main road winder.