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Dangerous Petroleum Licensing
We provide consultancy to get you license from 0 to 30000 gallons of Dangerous chemical storage as per requirements from all concerned departments of Government of Pakistan.

Dangerous Petroleum License are required for the storage of following chemicals:

1. Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
2. Methyl Isoamyl Ketone
3. Methyl n-Amyl Krtone
4. C-11 Ketone
5. N-Propyl Alcohol of various % purity
6. Iso-Propyl Alcohol of various % purity
7. N-Butanol
8. Ethyk Acetate
9. Pantanyl Alcohol
10. Normal Propyl Acetate
11. Ether Ester like EEP solvent
12. Ethylene Glycol Monopropyl Ether (EP solvent)
13. Isobutyl Isobutyrate
14. Lead Octoate (paint drier)
15. Zirconium (paint drier)
16. Calcium (paint drier)
17. Cobalt (paint drier)
18. Aluminium Paste Pigment
19. Cyclohexanone
20. Diacetone Alcohol
21. Methyl Chloride
22. Butyl, Ethyl & Acrylate
23. Acryllic Acid Glacial
24. Methyl Methacrylate
25. Nitrocellulose
26. Biocides for paint & construction, etc.
27. Xylene
28. Diethylene & Monoethylene Glycol
29. Methanol
30. Di & Mono ethanol Amine
31. Methyl Aminoethanol

Requirements for license

NOC from the different departments like D.C.O, T.M.O,Civil Defense
Anti Narcotic Force, Environment and Protection Agency, DIG etc…..proposed plan for
Storage of chemicals.

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